I placed my hands upon the tallest stone and traveled to a far, distant land where I lived for a time among strangers who became lovers and friends.

sometimes i think i’ve felt everything i’m ever gonna feel. and from here on out, i’m not gonna feel anything new. just lesser versions of what i’ve already felt. 

If it’s about survival, isn’t a little agony worth it?

But it did no good to brood on lost battles and roads not taken. (Kevan Lannister, ADWD)

The war had taught me to cherish the present because tomorrow might not ever come to pass. What I didn’t know at the time was that tomorrow would prove less important than yesterday.



Gemma Arterton during the filming of “Gemma Bovery” directed by Anne Fontaine and based on the 1999 graphic novel by Posy Simmonds of the same name


Elie Saab Haute Couture Fall-Winter 2014

Now. Look around you. Kind of amazing, isn’t it? How we usually see the differences between us…separated by nationality, by color, by religion…and yet here we are all connected.