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delicate balance
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Orphan Black 1.01 Natural Selection

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And she is greedy. Greedy for power, for honor, for love.

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Cillian Murphy by Vassilis Karidis for So It Goes magazine. A sneak peek at Issue 3 out next week. (X)

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I know who I am. And after all these years, there’s a victory in that. (True Detective, 1x02)

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make me choose
unbowedprincess asked: house martell or house stark

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(on his move from Europe to Rockland County, NY at the age of 12) “I had an accent. High school was tough a little bit for a few years. I wanted to fit in. I wanted to be liked. I wanted to be good-looking. I wanted to be popular. I spent a lot of time thinking, ‘What are these people going to think of me?”

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page to screen

Jaime pulled away. “He is still my brother.” He shoved his stump at her face, in case she failed to see it. “And I am in no fit state to be killing anyone.”
“You have another hand, don’t you? I am not asking you to best the Hound in battle. Tyrion is a dwarf, locked in a cell. The guards would stand aside for you.”
The thought turned his stomach. “I must know more of this. Of how it happened.” 
“You shall,” Cersei promised. “There’s to be a trial. When you hear all he did, you’ll want him dead as much as I do.” She touched his face. “I was lost without you, Jaime. I was afraid the Starks would send me your head. I could not have borne that.” She kissed him. A light kiss, the merest brush of her lips on his, but he could feel her tremble as he slid his arms around her. “I am not whole without you.”
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